Out Of This World!

Published May 6, 2014 by inanortherntown

Tonight, all three of us went out to a lecture given by COMMANDER CHRIS HADFIELD.

A real life astronaut all the way up here in our northern town! I was pretty excited, I had the date of ticket sales circled on my calendar for months, it’s a good thing, because they sold out at the speed of light.

His one hour lecture covered a lot of ground:

Pursuing your dreams
Preparing for failure, the NASA way
Why astronauts wear diapers during take-off
Living on the International Space Station
What time is it in space (answer: Greenwich Mean Time)
The importance of Social Media when sharing our human stories

Canada prepared for 2 years prior to his launch ensuring that we could receive the videos, tweets, and pictures he sent from the I.S.S. He took 45,000 pictures while on the I.S.S., recorded educational and amusing videos (how to wring a wet washcloth, how to clean your teeth in space)

I think my favourite tweet ever is this one:
Hadfield Tweet

He is so proud to be a Canadian, proud of our country and our way of life. He spoke about how Canada is a world leader in space robotics and of all the achievements that have happened in science and medicine following the success of the –Canadarm.

Space achievements proudly listed on the back of our new $5 bill.

Space achievements proudly listed on the back of our new $5 bill.

Following a very inspiring talk with a few pointed digs at the movie Gravity, he picked up his guitar and sang a snippet of the song, I.S.S., he co-wrote with the Barenaked Ladies and recorded for Canadian aged school children.

Definitely a highlight of my life 🙂

Currently reading: An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth by Commander Chris Hadfield


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