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Amusing Things ….. Day 3

Published May 3, 2014 by inanortherntown

Today I am amused by my very own pretentiousness.

Way back in Ye Olden Days, when we first were married, we enjoyed a cup of coffee together before we went out to work. We were in the honeymoon phase of life and everything was shiny and glorious.

Until that one fateful day when someone complained that their morning swill was tepid and uninspiring and they WERE NOT PLEASED.

And thus the first stone on the road to pretention was paved.

We began by tossing our electrical coffee maker – it was important to our marriage that our morning cup of coffee was hot.  We decided to purchase a glass carafe and filter cone and to boil our water to the correct temperature in order to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

THEN, we quickly came to the conclusion that the best part of waking up was NOT purchasing gigantic red tubs of  pre-ground coffee.  For the sake of our happy home, we simply must procure whole beans and a grinder in order to enjoy a hot and delicious cup of coffee in the morning.

And lo, the second stone.

It wasn’t long before our whole beans had to be organic…….fair trade…..shade grown……..single source.  Our marital bliss depended upon on enjoying a hot, delicious, and ethical cup of coffee each and every morning.

And with that, there was no turning back.

All was well, until this year, when I couldn’t find paper filters to fit our size cone.  I drove to four grocery stores before finding two lone boxes on a dusty shelf.  Something had to be done!!! Our very morning tradition was being threatened.

I found a reusable stainless steel filter but it wouldn’t fit on our coffee pot and with that…..the CHEMEX entered our lives.


The Chemex, cue harp music, is the only coffee pot to be display at the Museum of Modern Art. It is beautiful and functional!!

All was well, our way of life was no longer threatened.  We had a beautiful coffee pot and permanent filter. Our coffee ritual was once again secure.

Until one day, someone (and it wasn’t me this time) decided that their organic, fair trade, shade grown, single sourced fresh ground coffee wasn’t blooming enough.


And now we have arrived……this ridiculous kettle with bloom inducing spout is a permanent fixture on our stove.

Blooming Enough

I giggle every time I look at it – but I’d never go back.  The hot, delicious, ethical, beautifully made, blooming enough coffee every morning is too good 😉

Published May 3, 2014 by inanortherntown

So it did snow today but now with my self-imposed weather ban going strong – every day is going to be a surprising adventure waiting for Spring to arrive!

Today’s amusement is brought courtesy of Rick Mercer’s Environment Canada rant….. personal hygiene, I’d forgotten about that.

May Day! May Day!

Published May 1, 2014 by inanortherntown



I appear to have lost my sense of humour and with it the will to blog.

I have a zillion draft posts all along the same theme…….it’s snowing, I’m cold, POLAR VORTEX, it’s snowing, I’m cold (repeat endlessly)

But I knew what your reaction would be to my first world whines:



So, I’ve made a solid plan – for the next 30 days – I will:

  • Blog exclusively under the category “Things That Amuse Me
  • Not obsessively check my weather app (too late, there’s snow expected for tomorrow) …. starting NOW, I will not look at my weather app

That’s my plan – it won’t change the world but hopefully it will get me back to blogging.  I’ve missed you 🙂



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