This blog’s name is a nod to the Dream Academy’s hit single “Life in a Northern Town”.

The song, which took a year to record, also includes elements of classical music, an “african-esque” chant, and hints of psychedelia. It was their only Top Ten pop hit. Did you know that in February 1986 the song peaked at number 7 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100? This cements my reputation as having cheesy taste in 80’s music.

This blog, similar to the song, will include elements of classical whining, caffeine-esque chants and large amounts of psychedelia.

All stories documented will be true. True-ish. Possibly slightly exaggerated for comedic effect.

In order to out-wit, out-smart and out-play the search engine gods, names will be avoided in order to protect the privacy of my family. I will, however, take every opportunity to poke fun at them mercilessly.

Enjoy the crazy that arises when a coastal girl moves provinces, heads north and settles in a subarctic climate complete with long, very cold winters and warm short summers. What could possibly go wrong?


7 comments on “About

    • Hi!!

      This is the first time since February I’ve made it back here. I started a new position at the beginning of March – and it’s been one long learning curve. However!! I’m back!! There will be posts & I will be reading blogs again. Life will be sane(ish) again.

      Thanks for reaching out – can’t wait to catch up on your life as well!!

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