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Spice It UP

Published February 4, 2013 by inanortherntown

It’s snowing AGAIN and if I was feeling poetic I would say that it looks like dream world inside a magical snowglobe and if I was feeling optimistic I would say that snow is an equalizer and your lawn looks just as great as your neighbours; I am feeling neither. It’s sparkling fields of endless white. Beautiful but it’s wreaking havoc with our dinner time. All that white everywhere, I feel the need to cook the spiciest the most colourful food that can be politely squeezed onto a plate. However, my daughter was born with tastebuds in her fingertips and they have gone into overdrive – she just needs to wave her genetically modified fingertips in the general vicinity of her plate to know that she will ABSOLUTELY hate what has been set before her.

Tonight though was a red letter day – the meal was an absolute success. Everyone loved it – it was a new recipe that I found an hour before dinner. Salsafied Chicken and Rice – for a burrito fiesta meal. Instead of using instant rice, I used brown; I used homemade stock; I added a pinch of this spice and that spice; I removed the cheese……you get the picture: I cooked with reckless abandon and now I must pay the price. I made a meal that received 100% approval and I’ll never be able to replicate again.

My life is so tough and Baaj has zero sympathy.

Baaj is bored

Currently reading: Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin, feel free to point and laugh at me.


Thanks Balzac Billy!

Published February 2, 2013 by inanortherntown

Balzac Billy – to quote from the Calgary Herald: Somebody in a gopher suit emerged from a pile of garden mulch Saturday morning with his thumbs up and sunglasses off.

It seems a bit off to me – but hey, if there is a chance that spring is coming early – I’ll take it.

It was another gorgeous sunny day here and we finally unearthed the toboggan & off we went to the closest hill.

Baaj has redefined the meaning of going for a walk:

Baaj walking

Getting ready to fly down:


I tried to get a picture of mid-action or at the bottom of the hill but it didn’t quite work out ūüôā

Currently cooking: Mango Chutney in the slow cooker. It smells amazing in here – almost like summer!

It’s (not) All Downhill

Published January 23, 2013 by inanortherntown

A follow-up from yesterday’s post regarding the skiing trip being cancelled – no one from the Northern-Town family was *going* skiing.¬† The permission slip had to be back to school before we were officially registered in January.

The 10 year old truant-wannbe thought she had hit the jackpot.¬† There was a full day of activities planned that involved staying in PJs and reading; perhaps baking.¬† Definitely eating the results of someone’s kitchen efforts.

The phrase that greeted me at the after-school pick-up? “You know it doesn’t seem that cold.¬† I hope they reschedule the ski trip.” Upon further questioning, it wasn’t because she might be able to go – no, it was to try and fulfill the dream that had been so cruelly¬†crushed.

Did you know that 2nd term of Grade 5 is the official start of recorder lessons? Neither did I.¬† The recorder is an instrument of torture and the song “Hot Cross Buns”¬†lodges itself into¬†the base of your skull and explodes out of your eyeballs.

Music practice came to an abrupt end and a cooking session commenced. We made the world’s easiest one dish chocolate cake and it’s baking in the oven now.¬† It would be a peaceful evening however NHL hockey is back and I swear that announcer’s voice is an instrument of torture….

Good night!

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