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Baaj Likes To Walk

Published May 4, 2014 by inanortherntown

The snow and ice are almost mostly

gone or not, wait five minutes – it will change, from the sidewalks and lawns and we are trying to get back to our regular routine of the walking every night.

Baaj walking

This picture was taken at 8PM. Two hours later, the ground is completely covered with snow. Whee! Every minute of every day is a new adventure!!

After dinner and cleaning up the kitchen, as soon as someone says the word “Walk”, Baaj’s ears perk up and he starts to pace.

It has always taken us forever to get out the door, we need jackets, does anyone need to go the bathroom? should I wear a hat? has anyone seen my other glove? and then finally our shoes need to go on and we all crowd around the back door. The entire time this is going on, Baaj sits at high alert, watching our every move and hoping that we are indeed going for a walk and that he is invited.

As soon as the back door opens and he hears the magic words “Let’s go”. He proceeds to sniff and spray every available tree, bus shelter, fence, blade of grass, twig……. He is a study in bliss. We try to do a loop of approximately 5kms and I’m sure he does twice that amount darting from smell to smell.

Last night, at dusk, as we stopped to let Baaj sniff ALL THE THINGS, we happened to look up and there, dancing across the sky, were the Northern Lights. It was so beautiful just to be still for a few moments and watch.


Not A Snowball’s Chance

Published February 12, 2013 by inanortherntown

Baaj has a new game – he wants to go outside on the deck and have you throw a snowball – then he digs all through the snow trying to find it. Crazy dog.

This afternoon, he ventured off the deck and climbed up a 3ft snow bank and then got “stuck”. He was walking back forth trying to find a way to get down.

Baaj is stuck

Never fear Baaj – here comes Search & Rescue:

There she goes

There she goes

And down:

Down she goes

Down she goes

There were impassioned pleas for help:

Help meeee

Help meeee

It was too bad that I was firmly behind locked doors, drinking coffee and laughing my head off. If only I had heard her cries for help 🙂

It was the best hour of my life.

My neighbour just told me to check my sump pump to make sure it’s working because “when it thaws, it thaws fast”. I don’t know what a sump pump is, where it would be located and how to know if it works. *fingers crossed*

Pecora Nera gave me the best news of the day: Apparently snowmen will help prevent flooding! Thanks BBC!!!

I have enough snow for a complete Calvin & Hobbes montage:


Baaj is bored

Published February 6, 2013 by inanortherntown

Baaj is bored out of his mind and he wants you to know it.

He is B

Baaj is bored

to the ORED.

Baaj is ored

He’s got some new tricks in his repertoire:

1. Open the door, I need to go downstairs


2. Changed my mind, I need to be upstairs

Open The Door

3. Excuse me, do you happen to have any green grass?

Baaj in the snow

This is his latest trick: sleeping by the back door just in case you’re heading out to greener pastures – he’s ready to go!

Sleep by the door

If You Give A Dog Some Booties

Published January 22, 2013 by inanortherntown

There was colourful envelope in my mailbox today!


From my friend Pam! How fantastic – booties for Baaj and hand/feet warmers for me!

This is my new strategy – have Baaj wear his new shoes inside the house. Very similar to what I do: Can I walk in these heels? Do they give me blisters? Thanks Pam! I foresee some long walks at the beach in the snow soon! I’ll take pics!
Shoes for Baaj

I swear this won’t become a weather blog BUT there was a notice today that the school ski trip has been cancelled as the temperatures are expected to drop to MINUS FORTY-TWO. School is still in session though. REALLY? At what point will they throw in the towel and tell us to stay home and drink hot chocolate? There must be a magical temperature right? “Oh, look at that – hell has frozen over – school is cancelled for the day!”

All About Baaj

Published January 3, 2013 by inanortherntown

Poor Baaj – he must think we’ve moved to the moon.

It has been days since we’ve seen another dog and he is NOT amused by the sub-zero temperatures.

Today, we found an off leash dog park and other dogs out for a walk. There was much barking and sniffing in the land.

Dog owners are always happy to pass along good tips, and today was no exception. We were given the inside scoop on where to buy good dog booties. His shoe size? “Itty Bitty”


It was a gorgeous day for a walk.


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